Vol. 17, No. 65

Table of Contents

Essays & Features

Editors Notebook/By Elie Chalala
Horrors On The Syrian Coast: Sectarianism, Savagery, And Silence
‘The Image Of The Slain Child In Banias’
Asking The Wrong Questions From And About Adonis On The Syrian Revolution
Tamam Azzam: Artist From Art To Revolution
Fear Under The Assad Dictatorship Has ‘Smell’ And ‘Color’

Aleppo: A Tale Of Three Cities
By Yassin Al-Haj Saleh

Fatima’s Head
By Ziad Majed

The Egyptian Contemporary Novel: A Survey Of A Revolutionary Endeavour
By Nada Ramadan

The Donkey Killers
By Elie Chalala

Yassin Bakoush: Syria Loses A National Treasure
By Rebecca Joubin

The Sword Of Amin Maalouf
By Abduh Wazen


Director Haitham Haqqi: Witness To Modern Syrian Drama
By Rebecca Joubin

Actor Jihad Abdo Unravels The Relationship Between The Syrian Censor And The Artistic Community
By Rebecca Joubin

An Interview With Typeface Designer Mamoun Sakkal


Divorce And Workplace Issues Focus Of Moroccan Documentary
By Wided Khadraoui

Wives In Tension
By Rebecca Joubin

When ‘Honor’ Becomes Murder
By Rebecca Joubin

Innocence Crushed
By Lynne Rogers


“Quick Bread”
By Hashem Shafiq

Tashriqa “Prayers For Homs”
By Faraj Bayrakdar

On Massacre After Massacre!
By Hala Mohammad


The Eye Of The Needle
By Hanna Saadah

By Ghassan Kanafani


Marbrook’s Poetry Drawn By Homeland, Loss, Alienation
By Kate Legrand

War, Trauma, And Memory In The Anglophone Literature Of The Lebanese Diaspora
By Pauline Homsi Vinson

‘A Tunisian Tale’: Journey Into Dark Corners Of Tunis, And Human Mind
By Ghada Alatrash

Marvelous Meanderings
By Pauline Homsi Vinson

Women Of Letters Key Players In Iran’s Social Revolution
By Noah Bricker

The Historical Novel Revived
By Wided Khadraoui

Searching For A Home
By Noah Bricker

Meanderings” Through Turkey
By Frances Khirallah Noble

Can Ethnic Media Correct Ethnic Bias?
By D. W. Aossey

Mourid Barghouti Memoir: Journey Toward The Self
By Susan Muaddi Darraj

Anthony Shadid's House of Stone' of Stone' or the Return to the Roots
By Elie Haddad

Cover Artist
Etab Hreib, “Feeling Death”

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