"I am amazed," wrote Fawaz Traboulsi on his Facebook page. His astonishment concerns the mumannah group’s positions on Palestine. "'With Palestine and against the Palestinians’ is the name of a recently established political movement in the region," Traboulsi wrote.  He continues with a telling tone of irony: "With Palestine and with besieging the Palestinians of the Al Yarmouk Palestinian Camp, with starving its inhabitants, with reducing it to rubble, and with burning it with rockets and barrel bombs, thus forcing its population out of the camp and out of Syria."  Lest there be any misunderstanding, all this is said to have occurred for the sake of Palestine, since the Palestinians "bear the prime responsibility for what is happening in Al Yarmouk Camp." Traboulsi characterizes this movement as "mumannah," a reference to the anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist policies championed by Baathists, some "leftists" and other supporters of the Assad regime.

“By this same token,” continued Traboulsi, “the mumannah movement appears to be with Palestine and against the Palestinians in Lebanon, with imprisoning them in Lebanese camps, and depriving them of most of their civil rights, as well as their right to work.”  As if this were not enough, one mumannah movement, which Traboulsi did not specifically name (his implied reference indicates the Free Patriotic Movement led by deputy Michel Aoun), openly calls for the Palestinians to be expelled from Lebanon, while asking the U.S. to accept and make room for them in its own territory. Traboulsi introduced the Lebanese general turned politician into his discussion to indicate the irony that characterizes Lebanese politics, expressing itself in Aoun's alliance with another mumannah  movement, Hezbollah, which claims to accept nothing short of liberating Jerusalem, while at the same time participating in the siege of Al Yarmouk in Damascus.

Again, it's ironic that those "rejectionists" are "with Palestine and slaughtering Palestinians, and expelling them from their host countries." Traboulsi concludes that all of these atrocities are supposedly "committed for the sake of the Palestinians and in the name of their right of return to Palestine."

Edited and translated by E. Chalala

(Artwork credit and courtesy of Rami Abbas)
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