O' Victims: Who really killed you?


We began to notice that the Syrians were being required to document and prove the identity of their killers, even while being driven to their own slaughter. How are we supposed to determine that the man who is tortured, insulted, and threatened with the rape of his wife, until he died from the horror of pain, was a victim of the regime's brutality? We wish he had found the time to record his testimony and send it to us via "YouTube" just before he died, so we could then verify it and examine the possibility of taking his side.

It is even more bitter when we know very well who is the victim and who is the executioner, yet chose silence and waiting.

From Diana Moukaled's column in Asharq Al-Awsat, January 24, 2013

Translated from the Arabic by Elie Chalala

The statement by Ms. Moukaled is quite relevant. There is every indication that the Syrian state media has been of the worst quality, thus why it has sought out the assistance of the pro-Assad Lebanese media. Some Lebanese journalists, and many of which are supposedly "leftists" and pan-Arabists have been increasingly mimicking the Syrian state media, especially when one of its stars (Ghassan Jawad) made a recent death threat on Al Arabiya News channel against Ammar al-Qurabi, the chairman of Syrian National Conference for Change. Ironically, Jawad (who is a poet and author of hundreds of articles!) was subsequently given an audience on more than one of the Lebanese main channels (MTV, LBC) to insure "objectivity" in the political discourse. Since massacres have been committed on an almost daily basis, denying them has become a "mission impossible." The most effective weapon in exonerating the Assad regime in these massacres has consisted of concocting a strategy that admits the occurrence of the massacres, but only to lay blame on the opposition. The above translated excerpt from Diana Moukaled's column implicitly and ironically addresses this issue, of when the dead are required to furnish the evidence that implicate their tormentors, and by this relieving the journalistic community of finding the real perpetrators.