On Mother’s Day, by Farag Bayrakdar
My Sunrise, by Hanna Saadah
When Morning Died, by Hanna Saadah
Clouds, by Unsi al-Hajj
The Refugee, by Hanna Saadah
Writing on Al-Sayyab’s Tomb, by Abd al-Wahab al-Bayati
ELEGIES, by Abd al-Wahab al-Bayati
A Letter A Hundred Years On, by Bandar Abdul Hamid
Footnote, by Faraj Bayrakdar
As Lebanon Dies, by D.H. Melhem (1925-2013)
The Age of Rubber Stamps, by Buland al-Haydari
My Friend, by Buland al-Haydari
Women of My Country, by Nadia Tueni
The Other Side of Darkness*, by Laila al-Othman
The Compulsory Reasons, by Mohammed al-Maghout
Were you my Friend?, by Buland al-Haydari
A Vision, by Saadi Youssef
Tashriqa, by Faraj Bayrakdar
"Quick Bread", by Hashem Shafik
To Whom Does The Homeland Belong?, by Abd al-Wahhab-al-Bayati
The Dream of Returning, by Buland al-Haydari
Damascene Alley, by Nizar Kabbani
Come to the Jasmine, by Nizar Kabbani
Ten Identity Cards, by Buland al-Haydari
A Ghost in Damascus, by Ghada Samman
The Siege, by Mohammed al-Maghout
Condemnation, by Mohammed al-Maghout
Ruins, by Farag Bayrakdar
None Other But Iraq, by Mahmoud Darwish
Oh My Father, I am Yusif, by Mahmoud Darwish
The Train Passed by, by Mahmoud Darwish
Cactus Forever, by Mahmoud Darwish
Three Poems, by Ghada Samman
Jerusalem, by Lisa Suhair Mujaj
Chemical Weapons, by Saadi Yusuf
Tears on a Sad Iraqi Face, by Lami’ah Abbas Amarah
A Visit, by Moayed al-Rawi
The Illusion, by Moayed al-Rawi

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