Rethinking the Mediterranean

By Andrea Shala-Esa

Mediterranean Crossings: The Politics of an Interrupted Modernity
By Iain Chambers
Duke University Press: Durham and London 2008, 192 pp.

In “Mediterranean Crossings: The Politics of an Interrupted Modernity,” Iain Chambers argues that the region is a far more complex, fluid and porous concept than generally understood.

Love Letters Unite East and West

By Rebecca Joubin

“Epistole: A Love Story in Letters” recounts the story of Fatima and John, whose college relationship was abruptly severed when John left Lebanon and immigrated to America. Although each married, had children, and went their separate ways, they remained in contact and their love stayed alive through a series of letters, later found and published by Fatima’s son Tariq, who learned upon their death that John was his father.

The Artist in Syria

Etel Adnan

Dissident Syria
By Miriam Cooke
Duke University Press, 2007

I just read Miriam Cooke’s “Dissident Syria” and feel that this work has to be brought to the attention of specialists of Arab and Middle Eastern studies, students of literature and the general public.


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