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Issue Nos. 58/59

Essays & Features

2. Bashir al-Daouk (1931-2007).
In Memoriam: Farewell to Publisher Hero
by Elie Chalala

4. To Boycott or Not to Boycott:
The Politics of Culture at Paris,
Turin Book Fairs
by Elie Chalala

10. Live on the Air
by Mohammad Ali Atassi

11. An Arab-American Author Reflects
Upon Writing by Hanna Saadah

Issue No. 53

 Contents Essays & Features
4. Iraqi Journalist's Murder Targets
'Idea of Iraq,' by Judith Gabriel

6. Youssef al-Sayigh: Poet of Sorrows, Master of Contradictions, by Elie Chalala

10. Homage to the Early Lebanese Immigrants,by Eugene Paul Nassar 

11. Woman as Scapegoat
by Ghada Samman 

12. If Memory Serves: The Oral Iraqi Internet of Abu Halub, by Rebecca Joubin

26. Nahda Salah Balaa: Opening Doors for ArabArts, by Fayeq Oweis


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