Issue No. 45

Features & Essays

4. Bidding Farewell to Munif: Novelist's Narrative Bears Witness to Repression, Corruption, Reverence for Common Folk by Judith Gabriel

6. Fadwa Tuqan: A Romantic Feminist Poet and Reluctant Political Witness by Emaleah Shackleton

7. Fadwa Tuqan: An Arab Electra by Abbas Beydoun

44. War, Peace and Garbage
by Hanan Chebib


10. Unpublished Munif Interview: Crisis in the Arab World - Oil, Political Islam, and Dictatorship by Iskandar Habash

13. Toufic Faroukh on Jazz, Saxophone, and Memory by Mai Munasa

15. Definitions and Dialects of the Novel: Interview with Myriam Antaki by Carole Corm

18. Evaluating Threats, Home and Abroad: A Conversation With Legal Scholar David Cole by Pamela Nice


34. 'Iran: Veiled Appearances' reviewed by Afshin Matin-Asgari

36. 'The Tree That Remembers' reviewed by J. Rae Niles

37. 'The Kite' reviewed by Elissar W. Haikal


45. Arab Art Beyond Dichotomies by Sarah Rogers

46. Hybrid Vigor: The Art of Emma Zghal by Najwa Adra


19. Crossroads by Elissar Haikal

21. Thresholds by Charbel Dagher

24. The Weeping Echo by Fadwa Tuqan


15. 'Verses of Forgiveness' by Miriam Antaki, reviewed by Carol Corm

19. 'Enemy Aliens' by David Cole, reviewed by Pamela Nice

22. 'Constructing Lebanon' by Elise Salem, reviewed by Samir Mattar

25. 'Civil and Uncivil Violence in Lebanon' by Samir Khalaf, reviewed by Paul Sullivan

27. 'The Bullet Collection' by Patricia Sarrafian Ward, reviewed by Pauline Homsi Vinson

28. ' Etel Adnan' edited by Lisa Suhair Majaj and Amal Amireh, reviewed by Susan Muaddi Darraj

29. 'A Love Story' By Ghazi A. Algosaibi, reviewed by Elham Gheytanchi

30. 'West of the Jordan' by Laila Halaby, reviewed by Lynne Rogers

31. 'Cresent' by Diana Abu-Jaber, reviewed by Wail S. Hassan

32. 'Veil' edited by David A. Bailey and Gilane Tawadros, reviewed by Doris Bittar

33. 'It Became Necessary to Destroy the Planet in Order to Save It!' By Khalil Bendib, reviewed by Doris Bittar



40. Let Them Eat Bread by Fred M. Saidy


17. This issue's contributors