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Ader Error

Ader Error, the South Korean design collective that has its finger on the pulse of youth culture. Founded in 2014, when a ragtag band of Seoul-based friends decided to craft not just unisex clothes, but also to bestow them with graphics, illustrations, and all manner of cheeky designs. Pointed statements play out across your body—“Your Life Is a Joke” plastered over your Achilles, or “Not Yet,” scrawled across an unzipped fly. The Ader Error team remains entirely unknown, going by nicknames: fashion designers from Central Saint Martins, the Fashion Institute of Technology, and ESMOD, along with a host of graphic designers, illustrators, marketers, and merchandisers, who complete each collection by a mass group brainstorm. This anonymity adds to the refreshing, easy-going feel of the brand that youth culture is going mad for.

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M-65 Field Jacket


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