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Now is the perfect time to get fitter for your running and did you know that more running isn’t the only way.

A lot of runners feel that the best way to get fit is to run even more, but there are actually other ways that we can improve our fitness instead of just clocking up miles and other ways that we can push our bodies. One option is through a HIIT workout and we have the perfect shoe so you can do exactly that safely and effectively.

HIIT stands for high intensity interval training which is where you push your body for a short amount of time where you will increase your heart rate rapidly and then rest again. Research found that interval training can give you the same fitness benefits as doing 30 minutes at a steady pace. It’s said to be incredible for your cardiovascular system and is a great way to burn fat which competitive runners might find beneficial.

There a variety of approaches you can take with HIIT training to improve yourself as a runner:


nike air force 1 pantone price guide | Incorporate strength training.

You can add weighted exercises into your HIIT to help strengthen your muscles as well as improve your fitness levels. Alternate completing 10 kettlebell swings with 100 skips.

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While there are a variety of approaches for HIIT training, there is one way to make it a bit easier and that is the Nike SuperRep trainer.

nike air force 1 pantone price guide | The Tabata Approach

nike air force 1 pantone price guide

This is a really intense but shorter approach of interval training where you complete 20 seconds of extreme intensity followed by 10 seconds of more relaxed intensity. Repeat this for around 8 rounds.

nike air force 1 pantone price guide | The 30:30 Circuit

Repeating exercises for 30 seconds of work at really high intensity followed by 30 seconds rest of around 5 exercises is another great interval approach. Eg Squats / burpees / Press ups / Jump lunges / 100 m sprints.

Nike have developed the Nike SuperRep which is designed for circuit training and high intensity training.Nike SuperRep sneakers for men and women feature Zoom Air cushioning along the forefoot, plus a wide, stabilising heel for exceptional bounce and impact reduction. Contained in a simple slip-on, SuperRep sneakers are the perfect fit for your training to help you get stronger for your run.


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