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Puma  Shoes

When you put on your clothes to work on yourselves becoming a better runner, with the First Mile collection from Puma you can also be making a difference in somebody else’s life too.

The Puma x First Mile Collection is the latest sustainable active wear that is designed for all your training that takes place out of your running shoes. This includes your strength training for runners programme and your high intensity workouts.

Ensuring you are strong enough to run is just as important to your own health as it is to ensuring we are not polluting our environment with plastic for the earth’s health.

Puma have collaborated with First Mile, who are a people-focused network that strengthens micro-economies in Taiwan, Haiti, and Honduras, by collecting plastic bottles to create sustainable jobs and reduce environmental waste.


Using collected plastics bottles, that would have otherwise continued to pollute the streets and communities, the nike magista obra pink grey color patterns collection uses the recycled polyester. In 2018, First Mile produced more than 300 tons of recycled yard by using these plastic bottles as a raw source. Each bottle is sorted, cleaned, shredded, and turned into yarn that makes products with purpose.

The collection features utility pockets and outdoor elements which means if you’re someone who loves to train outside then this collection is perfect for that. Not only is the collection removing plastic pollution, the collection is also encouraging us get outside in nature which is proven to be extremely beneficial for our own health.
You may be someone who is yet to start a strength training programme to help their running so for a quick strength workout that targets the core and lower body that you can do anywhere to help strengthen your run, try the below workout. Aim to do 30 seconds of the exercise before resting for 30 seconds. Repeat each exercise for 3-5 sets before moving onto the next one.

Backward Lunges

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Heel taps

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