Vol. 20, No. 71


A new issue of Al Jadid Magazine is just out (Vol. 20, No. 71, 2016). Al Jadid is a Review & Record of Arab Culture and Arts (www.aljadid.com). As usual, the new issue is rich with essays and features, books, films and documentary reviews, poetry, and a substantive editor's notebook.

‘Arab Rejectionists Misuse Boycott Movement to Target Amin Maalouf’ by Jad Tabet; ‘Manufactured Expertise: Selling Out Arab News Audiences’ by Salam Kawakibi; ‘Patrick Seale (1930 - 2014): Renowned Historian/Journalist, Lover of All Things Syrian… Even the Assad Regime’ by Tim Louthan; ‘Reckoning with Darkness: Looking Back on Algeria’s Dark Decade’ by Bobby Gulshan; ‘The Arab-Christian Predicament Before and After the Rise of the Islamic State’ by Elie Chalala.

‘‘Children of Monsters’: Doomed by Nature and Nurture?’; ‘Former Lebanese Prisoners of ‘Tadmor’ Reenact Dark Days Within Assads’s Dungeons’; ‘The Syrian War: Untold Tales of Human Suffering in ‘The Morning They Came for Us’’; ‘Palestinian Museum Opens Without Exhibition, Focused Approach.’

“Sonita” directed by Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami, reviewed by Bobby Gulshan; “50 Feet From Syria” directed by Skye Fitzgerald, reviewed by Lynne Rogers; “Saving Mes Aynak” directed by Brent E. Huffman, reviewed by Lynne Rogers; “A Baptism of Fire” directed by Jerome Clement-Wilz, reviewed by Lynne Rogers.

“The Arab Imago: A Social History of Portrait Photography, 1860 – 1910” by Stephen Sheehi, reviewed by Angele Ellis; “A Portal in Space” by Mahmoud Saeed, reviewed by Bobby Gulshan; “The Perception of Meaning” by Hisham Bustani, reviewed by Ghada Mourad; “The Rope” by Kanan Makiya, reviewed by Lynne Rogers; “Life without a Recipe” by Diana Abu-Jaber, reviewed by Lynne Rogers; “Anxiety of Erasure: Trauma, Authorship, and the Diaspora in Arab Women’s Writings” by Hanadi al-Samman, reviewed by Nada Ramadan Elnahla; “Shahaama: Five Egyptian Men Tell Their Stories” by Nayra Atiya, reviewed by Caroline Seymour-Jorn; “Eclipse of the Sunnis: Power, Exile and Upheaval in the Middle East” by Deborah Amos, reviewed by Lynne Rogers; “After the American Century: The Ends of U. S. Culture in the Middle East” by Brian T. Edwards, reviewed by D.W. Aossey; “The Last of the Lascars: Yemeni Muslims in Britain 1836 – 2012” by Mohammad Seddique Seddon, reviewed by D.W. Aossey; “A Curious Land: Stories from Home” by Susan Muaddi Darraj, reviewed by Priscilla Wathington; “In Praise of Hatred” by Khaled Khalifa, reviewed by Aman Madan; “Mirages” by Issa Makhlouf, reviewed by Angele Ellis; “Confessions” by Rabee Jaber, reviewed by Lynne Rogers.

“Andalusia of Love” by Marcel Khalife, reviewed by Sami Asmar.

“The Rose and My Friend, Somehow” by Farag Bayrakdar; “On Mother’s Day” by Farag Bayrakdar; “Behind the Columns of the Universe” by Omar Youssef Suleiman.

Etab Hreib (whose artwork “The Dreams of the City” 1997, appears on the cover) is a critically acclaimed Syrian watercolorist who was born in Deir-Ez-Zor, Syria, and graduated from the Graphic Art Department, University of Damascus. In addition to working full time as an artist, she has taught at the Fine Arts Department at Damascus University.

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