Issue Nos. 58/59

Essays & Features

2. Bashir al-Daouk (1931-2007).
In Memoriam: Farewell to Publisher Hero
by Elie Chalala

4. To Boycott or Not to Boycott:
The Politics of Culture at Paris,
Turin Book Fairs
by Elie Chalala

10. Live on the Air
by Mohammad Ali Atassi

11. An Arab-American Author Reflects
Upon Writing by Hanna Saadah

12. Brilliant Evidence Mai Ghoussoub’s
Long Journey: From Trotskyite to
by Lauren Dickey

14. Nazik al-Malaika (1923-2007):
Pioneering Iraqi Woman’s Journey
Changes Map of Arabic Poetry,
by Simone Stevens

16. Nazik al-Malaika’s Literary Influence Faded
Long Before her Death
by Charbel Dagher

18. In Memoriam: Noel Abdulahad,
by Issa Boullata

19. HeaMetal: Even “Black Scorpions”
Leave Baghdad vy
by Dalila Mahdawi



20. Claiming Memory: An Interview with Brinda Mehta, by Elmaz Abinader

22. Rebecca Joubin Interviews Three Iraqi Musicians, a Novelist,
and a Playwright—Saadun Jabber, Taleb al-Gharagoli,
Abdel Razeq al-Azawi, Fuad Takerli, and Adel Taher.

29. Poetry Without Borders: Translating Mahmoud Darwish,
A Conversation with Fady Joudah by Doris Bittar



31. ‘The Mediterranean of the Phoenicians: From Carthage to Tyre.’
Reviewed by Simone Fattal

56. ‘Knights in the Islamic World: Collection from the
Furûssiya Art Foundation.’
Reviewed by Simone Fattal


32. ‘Between Two Notes.’
Directed by Florence Strauss.
Reviewed by Pamela Nice

34. ‘Hats of Jerusalem.’
Directed by Nati Adler.
Reviewed by Brigitte Caland

35. ‘Shirin Ebadi: A Simple Lawyer.’
Directed by Bani Koshnoudi.
Reviewed by Pamela Nice

36. ‘Zero Degrees of Separation.’
Directed by Elle Flanders.
Reviewed by Pamela Nice

37. ‘Reema, There and Back.’
Directed by Paul ?mile d’Entremont.
‘Afghan Chronicles.’ Directed by Dominic Morissette.
Reviewed by Lynne Rogers

38. ‘Shadya.’
Directed by Roy Westler.
‘Nadia’s Journey.’
Directed by Carmen Garcia and Nadia Zouaoui.
Reviewed by Pamela Nice

39. ‘Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People.’
Directed by Sut Jhally.
Reviewed by Arlen Jones

41. ‘Caramel.’
Directed by Nadine Labaki.

‘Don’t Mess with the Zohan.’
Directed by Denise Dugan.
Reviewed by Doris Bittar


44. ‘Remember Me to Lebanon:
Stories of Lebanese Women in America.’
By Evelyn Shakir.
Reviewed by Pauline Homsi Vinson

44. ‘Letters from Cairo.’
By Pauline Kaldas.
Reviewed by Jenn Blair

45. ‘The Inheritance of Exile:
Stories from South Philly.’
By Susan Muaddi Darraj.
Reviewed by Pauline Homsi Vinson

46. ‘The Countless Treachery of Language and Silence.’
By Faraj Bayrakdar.,
Reviewed by Azar Mahloujia

47. ‘Desiring Arabs.’
By Joseph Massad.
Reviewed by Pamela Nice

48. ‘Poor.’
By Idris Ali.
Reviewed by Hilary Hesse

49. ‘Rituals of Memory in Contemporary Arab Women’s Writing.’
By Brinda Mehta.
Reviewed by Therese Saliba

50. ‘Does the Land Remember Me? A Memoir of Palestine.’
By Aziz Shihab.,
Reviewed by Lynne Rogers

51. ‘The Earth in the Attic.’
By Fady Joudah.
Reviewed by Doris Bittar

52. ‘The Butterfly’s Burden.’
By Mahmoud Darwish. ,
Reviewed by Zaid Shlah

53. ‘Race and Arab Americans Before and After 9/11:
From Invisible Citizens to Visible Subjects.’
Edited by Amaney Jamal and Nadine Naber.
Reviewed by D. W. Aossey

54. ‘The Jinn and Other Poems.’
By Amira El-Zein.
Reviewed by Theri Alyce Pickens


7. Poverty by Faraj Bayrakdar
17. Footnote by Faraj Bayrakdar
17. Just Breathing by D. H. Melhem
45. Syrian Matroshka by Faraj Bayrakdar
55. Waiting for the Mahdi by Muhammad Ali Shams al-Din
43. Here Lies Freedom by Adonis 38. contributors
52. cover artist