Issue Nos. 56/57

essays & features


2. Controversial Image of Lebanon Wins World Photo Prize, 
by Mohammed Ali Atassi

4. Burning Questions - Review Debunks Honor Crime Memoir, 
by Thérèse Taylor

7. Seven Years, by Hanna Saadah

A Nationalist Scene in the Congestion of Republics, by Suhail Shadoud

8. The Passing of a Great Syrian Writer: Ilfat Idilbi, 1912-2007,

by Simone Fattal

10. Mideast Politics Put to Words and Music: Bahraini Democracy Threatened by Musical,

by Kelly O’Brien

11. How Painting Came East, 
by Charbel Dagher

16. Wedding and War in Galilee,
by Sunaina Maira

56. Disrepair and Neglect Mar Gibran Memorial, by Stan Shabaz




19. Approaching Iraq: Poetry and Nationality, by Beige Luciano-Adams

21. Transsexuals in Iran, by Pamela Nice

22. A Time to Say No, by Bobby S. Gulshan

23. Land and Betrayal, by Rebecca Romani

24. Pathology of an Occupation, by Rebecca Romani


26. A Mother’s Enduring Love, and Young Canadians Craft Documentaries on Two Issues Affecting Muslim Women, by Lynne Rogers



28. A Conversation with Alaa al-Aswany on “The Yacoubian Building,"

by Pamela Nice


30. “Dunya,” the New Novel by Sobh: A Look into Pandora’s Mid-Eastern Box,

by Rafif Rida Sidawi

32. Dangerous Crossings - Two Novels Tackle Arab Immigration West,

by Andrea Shalal-Esa

34. Redemption in an Open Space, by Andrea Stanton

35. The Science of “Palestinian Arab Music,” by Sami Asmar

37. Collective Memory and the Search for Authenticity, by Sami Asmar

39. Makdisi’s Memoir: Witnesses of Transition in Arab Women’s Times,

by Pauline Homsi Vinson


41. Tanzimat Legal Reforms Left Changes in Palestinian Society, 
by Saadia Yacoob

42. A Walk on the Wild Side, by Bobby S. Gulshan

42. A City’s Burden of Providence, by Robert Livermore

44. Palestine and its Nemesis, by Faisal Tbeileh

45. Reality Checks on American Orientalist Film, by Pamela Nice

46. Deconstructing Paradigms on Ottoman Past, by Faika Celik

47. The World as a High Rise (plus a few feet on the roof), by Rebecca Romani

50. An Accidental Primer, by Arlen Jones

51. A Major Contribution to Arab American Studies, by Pauline Homsi Vinson

51. What’s in a Word? by Andrea Stanton

54. In Other Words: Book Charts Arabic to English Impact, by Judith Gabriel


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