Issue Nos. 54/55

Essays & Features


2.  Martyrdom, Violence, and the Passion for Sanctity, by Elie Haddad


4.  Thirteen Hours of Interrogation,

by Mohammed Ali Atassi


8.  Cairo’s Fourth Pyramid: Reflections on Naguib Mahfouz, by Amin Malak


10. Naguib Mahfouz: Characters Develop Alongside their Creator,

by Mohammed Dakroub


12.  Naguib Mahfouz the Pyramid,

by Alawiyya Sobh


14.  A Father to the Point of Tears,

by Faraj Bayrakdar


16.  Waiting to Exhale…,

by Souad Dajani


20.  Sheikh Zakariyah Ahmad (1896-1961): The Life of a Composer,

by Sahar Taha




24.  Women and the Road in the Middle Eastby Nadia Yaqub


25.  In his Footsteps, by Inês Santos


28.  Only Whispers of Chnage in Saudi Women’s Struggle, by Inês Santos


films in brief

26.  “Lessons in Fear,” “At the Green Line,” “Hide Your Words,” and “Point

of Attack,” by Rebecca Romani



29.  Singing ‘Ud on New CD from Marcel Khalife, by Sami Asmar



30.  Iraqi Literature Flourishing Amid Bombs and Tanks, by Rebecca Joubin



32. The Facets of Palestinian Art, by Doris Bittar

34. Timeless Voice of History’s Objects, by Carel Bertram


36.  Injustice, Fear, Bombast - Targets of Farzat’s Pen, by Rana Kabbani


38.  Cooking and Writing Arab Americaby Pauline Homsi Vinson

42.  Church and State: Conflictual Twins, by Faisal Tbeileh


45.  New Fiction and the Post 9/11 Arab American Experience, by Pauline Homsi Vinson

46.  Three New Anthologies, a Cultural Mission to English Readers, by Lynne Rogers


47.  Burdened Histories, by Bhakti Shringarpure


 48.  Moving Toward the Light: A Century of Immigration from Assimilation to Emergence, by Judith Gabriel


50.  From Beirut to Oklahoma: Lebanese-American’s Novel Blends Poetry, Medicine, by Judith Gabriel


51.  New York’s Mean Streets in New Melhem Edition, by Judith Gabriel


books in brief

52.  “Anti Arab Racism in the USA,” and “Voices of Resistance,” by Arlen Jones



54.  Syrian Author Salma al-Haffar Kuzbari Remembered, by Joseph Mouallem



56.  Golden Age of Arab Science at L’Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris,

by Brigitte Caland


cultural briefings

7.  Playing Politics with Art, by Al Jadid Staff Writers


13.  contributors