Issue Nos. 50/51



4. Hanan al-Shaykh Speaks on Her Newest Novelby Mai Munasa

10. Iraqi Sociologist Faleh Abduljabbar
by Sabah Zwein


10. The Table by Adonis

10. About the Arabic Language by Adonis

Essays & Features

2. Editor's Comment

12. Youssef Abdelki's Homecoming 
by Mohammad Ali Atassi

14. Mahmoud Darwish Indicts Modern Arab Poetsby Nancy Linthicum

17. Saddam's Poets Writing Better Poems Under (and Against) Occupation 
by Sara Hahn

19. Al Jazeera's Motto: 'Opinion / Counter Opinion' or 'Spin and More Spin'

by Mohammad Ali Atassi

22. The Arabic Language: Perfect and Immutable by Georgine Ayoub


26. 'Degenerate' PopThreat to Arab Music or Mere Sign of the Times? by Nancy Linthicum

30. Golden Era's Layla Murad Still Unforgettable Artist by Sami Asmar


(Reviewed by Pamela Nice)

32. Closing the School Doors: Curfew's Hidden Impact

32. Arab, Jewish Teens Wrestle with Stereotypes 

33. A Typical Day in the Life of an Iraqi Child

33. Exiles in the Promised Land 

34. The Devil's Bargain


35. The Streets and Living Rooms of Aleppo by Lynne Rogers

36. Why Beirut? Reputation, Charm Fueled by Energy by Brigitte Caland

40. The Red Castle by Carel Bertram

41. Arabic, English and Context in the Narratives of Arab Women by Lynne Rogers

42. Mapping the Syrian Consciousness by Bhakti Shringarpure

43. A Post 9-11 War of Opinions by Carole Corm

43. Ghazali's Lasting Legacy by D.S. Wilson

44. Feminist Struggle and Political Geography by Susan Muaddi Darraj

45. La Belle Dame Sans Merci: Ghada Samman by Elissar W. Haikal

46. Before Exile: Four Iraqi Narratives by Lynne Rogers

48. Off-Beat Egyptian Poets by Rim and Razzan Zahra

49. Parallel Challenges by Sara Hahn

50. Hala Salaam Maksoud: Marking a Legacy with University Chair, Youth Foundation, Book of Tributes by Nancy Linthicum


52. The Sea Is Not Treacherous by Etidal Osman


54. Contributorstranslators, artists and cover artist