Issue Nos. 46/47


Features & Essays

2.Drawing Out Displacement by Catherine Hamel

4. Sonallah Ibrahim’s Rejection of the Arab Novel Award by Mona El-Ghobashy

6. Why Ahmed Bouzfor Declined Moroccan Book Prize by Yassin Adnan

8. Reflecting on Arab-American Identity by Bethany E. Chaney

10. Poets Charge Fadwa Tuqan Slighted in Arab-French Poetry Festival by Sara Hahn


22. Amin Maalouf Talks About “Origins” by Carole Corm


12. Al Jazeera Revolutionizes Arab Media by Carole Corm 

13. Fortune’s Fool by Pamela Nice

14. A Woman’s Struggle in Midst of War by Carole Corm

15. A Parallel of Pain by Lynne Rogers 

17. Filmmaker Runs Obstacle Course by Carole Corm


18. Amazigh Kateb Yassin Plays the Maghreb Blues by Aziz Ben Saidani 

20. Remembering Zaki Nasif:A Lebanese Odyssey by Sami Asmar


48. Prize Means New Oppotunities for Iraqi Architect - Zaha Hadid by Sara Hahn 

50. Arab Cultural Mural, the Oasis Comes to San Francisco by Fayeq Qweis

52. Lenses of Emily Jacir Document Human Reality of Ordinary Palestinians by Doris Bittar

54. Gallery Showcase Southern California’s Arab Women Artists by Brigitte Caland


24. Hanna Batatu's Last Legacy: Understanding Syria 's Peasantry by Malek Abisaab

A review of Syria 's Peasantry, the Descendants of Its Lesser Rural Notables, and Their Politics by Hanna Batatu

26. Scholarship on Arab Americans Post 9/11 by Gary David

A review of California 's Arab Americans By Janice Marschner

22. A Novelist's Embellished U.S. Sojourn by Mona El-Ghobashy

A review of Origins by Amin Maalouf

29. Imperialism Democracy in the Middle East by Faisal Tbeileh

A review of Resurrecting Empire by Rashid Khalidi

30. Beyond the Rupture by George Tarabishi

A review of The Sons of Rifaa: Islamists and Modernists By Guy Sorman

32. Arabs Dance Too by Mai Munassa

A review of Dancing Arabs by Sayed Kashua

34. Love, Drifting Through Passage to the East by Sabah Zwein

A review of The Monk, The Ottoman, And the Wife of the Treasurer by Vénus Khoury-Gata

36. Of Lions and Storytelling by Wail S. Hassan

A review of I, The Divine: A Novel In First Chapters by Rabih Alameddine

37. Pain of a Secret Love by Greta Anderson

A review of a Certain Woman by Hala Badry

38. Coptic Monasticism the Template for Worldwide Monastic Life by Simone Fattal

A review of Coptic Monasteries Egypt's Monastic Art And Architecture By Gawdat Gabra

40. The Postcard Wars by Carel Bertram

A review of Israeli and Palestinian Postcards: Presentations Of National Self By Tim Jon Semmerling.

41. Changing Names, Identities in a Lesser Known Locale by Susan Muaddi Darraj

A review of Arab-American Faces and Voices: The Origins of an Immigrant Community By Elizabeth Boosahda

42. Challenging the Divides from Brooklyn to Beirut by Rim and Razzan Zahra

A review of Conversation with a Stonemason By D.H. Melhem


Books in Brief

44. Getting it Right: A New Historical Dictionary of Iraq by Elie Chalala

44. New Multilingual Journal for Voices of Middle East by Bobby Gulshan

45. Overview of Minorities’ Financial Aid Opportunities by Bobby Gulshan 


7. Authors and artists