Issue No. 49


Essays & Features


2. On Critics of Lebanon 's IndependenceUprising

by Elie Chalala


4. The Other Prison

by Mohammad Ali Atassi


12. Disoriented Lebanon

by Carole Corm


17. Marxist, Rationalist, Orientalist: Remembering the Many Facets of Maxime Rodinson

by Brigitte Caland


20. Charles Malik: Intellectual Legacy Marred by Parochial Lebanese Politics

by Iskandar Mansour


24. From Harem to Civil Society: The Journey ofFatima Mernissi

by Yassin Adnan


26. Devastation of History: Looting ThreatensIraq 's Ancient Sites

by Judith Gabriel


29. The Knight who Came Home to be Slain

by Pierre Abisaab



9. Words Behind Bars: Syrian Poet Faraj Bairqadar Speaks after 14 Years of Detention

by Mohammad Ali Atassi


13. Riadh al-Turk: In and Out of Syrian Prison

by Mohammad Ali Atassi


28. Beyond Morocco 's Literary Divide: Interview with Leila Abouzeid

by Pamela Nice


46. Saad Chrabi: L'amourreur du cinema

by Pamela Nice



30. Lebanese United by Voice of Fairuz

by Brigitte Caland


31. 'Return to Kandahar ,' a Personal Journey of Memory

by Sara Hahn


32. New Documentaries Examine Consequences of 'War on Terror'

by Lynne Rogers



48. Iraqi Traditional Music Revisited in a War Era

Al Jadid Staff Writers


49. New Um Kulthoum Biography Searches Behind the Legend

by Beige Luciano-Adams


34. A Search for Identity in Foreign Lands

by Sara Hahn


36. Sharp Analysis, Unanswered Questions

by Paul Sullivan


37. A Vision of Arab- American Underworld in 'Souls'

by Shakir Mustafa


38. New Arab American Anthology: Antidote to Cultural Ignorance

by Judith Gabriel


40. The Paradox of Religious Democracy

by Faisal Tbeileh


42. Etel Adnan's New Language: Poems that Rewrite Masculine Discourse

by Rim Zahra and Razzan Zahra

43. When the Personal and Political Meet

by Greta Anderson


43. Tears in the Holy Land Voices from Israel and Palestine

by Lynne Rogers


44. A Moroccan Cinema of Proximity

by Pamela Nice



8. The Illusion of Place

by Moayed Al-Rawi


Cover Artist


50. Salah Saouli