Issue No. 48


Essays & features


6.Gulf Capital and Arab Satellite Television

by Mohammad Ali al-Atassi


10.Louis Awad: Relentless Advocate of Secular Tradition

by Mohammed Dakroub


13.A Feminism Beyond Gender

by Rafif Rida Sidawi


14.A Life under Fire: Inside the Gaza Occupation

by Satoshi Yamaji


18.Samir Nakash: The Wandering Arab-Jew

by Mohammad Ali al-Atassi


20.A Year After Sunset: Remembering Amina Rizk

by Miranda Bechara


22.Ahmad Dahbur: In Pursuit of Blackness

by Mark H. Grimes




2.Rethinking Eward Said's 'Orientalism': An Interview with Charbel Dagher by Elie Chalala


24. A Critic's Search for a Truer Vision of War: an Interview with Rafif Rida Sidawi by Inayeh Jabber


26.Landmark of Arab Music Heritage: an Interview with Victor Sahab by Mai Munasa


54. Women and War: A Conversation with Susan Kahroody by Judith Gabriel




49. World Music Releases Blend Folk Classics and Innovation by Judith Gabriel




29.Chahine's 'Alexandrie... New York ' by Miranda Bechara


30.Three Post 9/11Documentaries by Lynne Rogers


32."Feminizing " Politics and Transforming the Culture of Conflict by Beige Luciano-Adams


33.One Woman's Crusade Against State Terror by Beige Luciano-Adams


34.Fearing Her Camera's Eye: The Killing of Zahra Kazemi by Emaleah Shackleton


36.Documentary Captures Syrian Complexities, Dilemmas by Bobby Gulshan


37.Ingredients of the Creative Self: Intimate Look on Edward Said by Doris Bittar


38."The Last Interview" of Edward Said by Brigitte Caland


40.Mideast Youth United by Anxiety by Bobby S. Gulshan


41.Women, Honor, Patriarchy: Progress in Kurdish Iraq by Beige Luciano-Adams


42.Legacies of War and Ghosts of Normal Life by Lynne Rogers




46.The Indivisible Domains of Tarab by Anne K. Rasmussen

51.The Perennial Refugees: Steadfastness in a World of Forgetfulness by Doris Bittar


52.Alternate Voices, Expanding Dialogue by Doris Bittar




25.A Visit by Moayyad al- Rawi


28.The Successor of Bedouins by Fadwa Toukan