Adonis Reflects on the Arab Spring

--"What has happened in Syria was ultimately expected in one form or another—the dormant and the hypnotized had to awake some day, the people had to demand freedom, human dignity, the end of repression, the just distribution of wealth, a cessation of arrests based on the free expression of opinions…etc. The numerical minority is irrelevant, because the numbers here are symbolic. The numerical minority here constitutes a majority in terms of symbolism. Yes, it was expected, by myself at least. But I do not know how to cry, and even if I did, I would rather my eyes become two fountains of tears: a southern one for Daraa, and a northern one for Banyas and Jebla."

From Al Hayat, May 5, 2011
Translated from the Arabic by Basil Samara


--A ruler rejected by his people: what importance would such a ruler still have if he conquered his people by cutting their throats, as has happened in the past, or if he defeated them with a rabid mercenary army, or with his tanks and his grenade launchers, like what is happening now?

Is it not an inhuman tragedy to continue this mad rush for power and dominance over this Arab land?

Is it the weight of history? Is it the cunning of reason? Or is it the cunning of this land itself?"

From Al Hayat, March 17, 2011
Translated from the Arabic by Basil Samara

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