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Pamela Nice.

Closing the School Doors: Curfew’s Hidden Impact

Secret Hebron: The School Run

Director and Producer: Donna Baillie

Josef Fares Returns to Beirut for Swedish Film ‘Zozo’

Judith Gabriel


Directed by Josef Fares

Memfis Films

102 minutes, 2005

“Zozo” was Sweden’s official selection for Foreign Language Film at the 78th Annual Academy Awards. Set during the Lebanese civil war, it tells the story of a Lebanese boy whose family is waiting for their papers to emigrate to Sweden to join the boy’s grandparents, who had already settled there.

Father of Neo-Realism in Egyptian Cinema Passes Away

Al Jadid Staff Writers

With the death of Atef Al Tayeb, the Egyptian cinema lost one of its prominent figures, a director who contributed, along with others, to the tradition of neo-realism, a school strongly represented during the 1980s. Tayeb’s legacy -- scores of films -- dared to explore a wide range of issues, ranging from the cultural and economic to psychological.


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