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Mohammed Shukri's ‘The White Sparrow' and Its Message

Muhy Din Lazikani

When he started his writing journey in the early 1960s, Mohammed Shukri did not dream of more than regional fame in northern Morocco . He is not ashamed to talk about that period of his literary life in his new book, “The White Sparrow.” On the contrary, he is clearly smiling at himself when he recalls after all these years, how he then chose for himself the title, “The Moroccan Writer.”

Issue Nos. 58/59

Essays & Features

2. Bashir al-Daouk (1931-2007).
In Memoriam: Farewell to Publisher Hero
by Elie Chalala

4. To Boycott or Not to Boycott:
The Politics of Culture at Paris,
Turin Book Fairs
by Elie Chalala

10. Live on the Air
by Mohammad Ali Atassi

11. An Arab-American Author Reflects
Upon Writing by Hanna Saadah

Issue No. 53

 Contents Essays & Features
4. Iraqi Journalist's Murder Targets
'Idea of Iraq,' by Judith Gabriel

6. Youssef al-Sayigh: Poet of Sorrows, Master of Contradictions, by Elie Chalala

10. Homage to the Early Lebanese Immigrants,by Eugene Paul Nassar 

11. Woman as Scapegoat
by Ghada Samman 

12. If Memory Serves: The Oral Iraqi Internet of Abu Halub, by Rebecca Joubin

26. Nahda Salah Balaa: Opening Doors for ArabArts, by Fayeq Oweis

Issue No. 52

 Contents Essays & Features
Failed Ideology Stands in as Alibi, by Elie Chalala. 

TV Documentary Series on Nezar Kabbani Presents Poet's Life as Sanitized, Commercial Spectacle, by Mohammad Ali Atassi

Assia Djebar: Immortal Sycophant or Courageous Humanist?, by Lynne Rogers

Don't Apologize for What You Wrote!, by Charbel Dagher
The Place of Origin, by Mouayed al-Rawi

Arab-American Arts: The Art of Andrea Ali and Adnan Charara, by Fayeq Oweis


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