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An Interview With Prominent Lebanese Intellectual, Former Minister of Education, Naguib Abu Haydar Interviews 2 5 Mar-96
Another View on Gulf Domestics Issue: A Call For a New Sensitivity Essays & Features Akram F. Khater 2 5 Mar-96
Old Theory Rekindles New Debate. Kissing Cousins: Marriage Among Relatives Set New Records in the Middle East. Social Benefit or Medical Danger? Essays & Features Rania Zein 2 5 Mar-96
U.S. Tour of Egyptian Artifacts Canceled Essays & Features Al Jadid Staff 2 5 Mar-96
Tourism Predicted to Make Up Most of Lebanon's GDP By Year 2000 Essays & Features 2 5 Mar-96
Lebanon's Travel Ban Extended Essays & Features AL Jadid Staff 2 5 Mar-96
Media, Cultures, and Stereotypes Essays & Features Yahya R. Kamalipour 2 5 Mar-96
"Protected Areas" Positive Step Toward Conservation in Lebanon " Essays & Features Rania Masri 2 5 Mar-96
AVAZ Presents Urban Rhythms on April 13th. A Salute to Cultural Diversity Essays & Features Al Jadid Staff 2 5 Mar-96
Adonis is Older Than Jesus Poetry Joanne Kyger 3 19 Jun-97
Jazz Artist Michele Shaheen Sings of Arab-American Heritage Music & Dance Al Jadid Staff 3 19 Jun-97
Lamia Safiyeddine, Dancer With A Message Music & Dance Ibrahim Al-Aris 3 19 Jun-97
Dancers Advance New View of Old Mideast Art Music & Dance Manal A. Swairjo 3 19 Jun-97
The Brechtian Presence in Arab Theater Books Khayria Zubaidi 3 19 Jun-97
Mahmoud Darwish: Home is More Lovely Than the Way Home Interviews Nouri Al-Jarrah 3 19 Jun-97
Modernization is One Thing; Westernization is Another Essays & Features George Tarabishi 3 19 Jun-97
Between Heaven and Hell: Contemporary Art From the Middle Eastern Diaspora Arts Neery Melkonian 3 19 Jun-97
HBO Film Projects Stereotypes, Promotes Prejudice Essays & Features Jack G. Shaheen 3 19 Jun-97
Ignorance, Stereotypes Seen Behind Politician's Ethnic Slurs Essays & Features Jack G. Shaheen 3 19 Jun-97
Villanova University Holds Symposium on Postwar Lebanon Essays & Features Al Jadid Staff 3 19 Jun-97
Palestine Came to Paris This Spring: Les Belles Etrangeres Palestine Essays & Features Nathalie Handal 3 19 Jun-97
Marcel Khalife's New Music and the Fear of Political Irrelevancy Essays & Features Manal A. Swairjo 3 19 Jun-97
Badr Novellas in New English Translation Books Amal Amireh 2 8 Jun-96
Musician Finds Jazz and Inspiration on First Mid-East Visit Music & Dance Al Jadid Staff 2 8 Jun-96
Mismanagement Denies Outstanding Palestinian Athlete Olympic Berth Essays & Features A. Amin Saba 2 8 Jun-96
New Arabic Titles Books 2 9 Jun-96
Novel Recaptures Old Alexandria Books Amal Amireh 2 9 Jun-96
In Search of Love and Life in Gaza," A Review of "Tale of Three Jewels" Films Meisoon Shorafa 2 9 Jun-96
Two Views of the City Films Daoud Kuttab 2 9 Jun-96
This Saudi Who Fights Everything Poetry Unsi Al Hajj 2 9 Jun-96
Abdallah Al Qusaymi Through The Eyes of Adonis Poetry 2 9 Jun-96
As If Only The Free Die Poetry Unsi Al Hajj 2 9 Jun-96
Morocco's Fantastic Folkloric Music and Dance Music & Dance Habeeb Salloum 2 9 Jun-96
Nawal Al Saadawi, Noted Arab Feminist, Speaks On Intellectuals, Poltics, and Sexuality Essays & Features Elie Chalala 2 9 Jun-96
Women's Concerns Occupy The Consciousness of Lebanese Novelist, Emily Nasralla Essays & Features Al Jadid Staff 2 9 Jun-96
Book News Books 1 1 Jun-93
Two Books Cast New Light on Old Problem: Sectarianism and Minorities in the Arab World Books 1 1 Jun-93
New Arabic Books Books 1 1 Jun-93
Publications Books 1 1 Jun-93
Seta Manoukian in a Series of Exhibitions: Balancing Imbalances Arts 1 1 Jun-93
Majida al-Roumi at the Olympia Theater: An Arab Superstar in the Making Music & Dance 1 1 Jun-93
Karakala Group Performs in Royalty Theater, London Music & Dance 1 1 Jun-93
A New Play by Ziad al Rahbani Causes Artistic Firestorm in Lebanon Essays & Features 1 1 Jun-93
Arabic Books Books 2 3 Jan-96
New Titles About the Middle East Books 2 3 Jan-96
New Father of the Bride Continues Old Practice of Anti-Arab Stereotypes Films Rania Zein 2 3 Jan-96
"Halfmoon" Brings Bowles' Morocco Back to Screen Films Al Jadid Staff 2 3 Jan-96
Syria Comes to Toronto With Its Films Films Habeeb Salloum 2 3 Jan-96
Riddles: A Living Part of Arab Folklore Folkfore Fatme Sharaffeddine Hassan 2 3 Jan-96
Kuwaiti Laws Deny Filipino Maids Protection Essays & Features Elie Chalala 2 3 Jan-96
Egyptian Ideological Press Continues Decline Essays & Features Elie Chalala 2 3 Jan-96
Lebanese Government Plans Drastic Cuts in Number of Private TV, Radio Stations Essays & Features 2 4 Feb-96
Leading Arabic Daily Examines New Problem of Juvenile Delinquency in Lebanon Essays & Features Rania Zein 2 4 Feb-96
Al Jadid on Adonis-A Poet Responds: Some Further Remarks on Arabic Poetry Essays & Features Etel Adnan 2 4 Feb-96
Noted Lebanese Poet and Critic Muhammad Abadallah Discusses Khalife's Ground Breaking Use of Oud Essays & Features Elie Chalala 2 4 Feb-96
Critics of Lebanon's Independence Uprising" Offer a New Spin on Syrian Occupation Essays & Features Elie Chalala 10 49 Fall 2004
The Other Prison Essays & Features Mohammad Ali Atassi 10 49 Fall 2004
A Letter from Beirut: Disoriented Lebanon Essays & Features Carole Corm 10 49 Fall 2004
Marxist, Rationalist, Orientalist: Remembering the Many Facets of Maxime Rodinson Essays & Features Brigitte Caland 10 49 Fall 2004
Charles Malik: Intellectual Legacy Marred by Parochial Lebanese Politics Essays & Features Iskandar Mansour 10 49 Fall 2004
From Harem to Civil Society: The Journey of Fatima Mernissi Essays & Features Yassin Adnan 10 49 Fall 2004
Devastation of History: Looting Threatens Iraq's Ancient Sites Essays & Features Judith Gabriel 10 49 Fall 2004
The Knight who Came Home to be Slain Essays & Features Pierre Abisaab 10 49 Fall 2004
Lebanese United by Voice of Fairuz Films Brigitte Caland 10 49 Fall 2004
"Return to Kandahar"," a Personal Journey of Memory Films Sara Hahn 10 49 Fall 2004
Bidding Farewell To Munif: Novelist Bears Witness to Repression, Corruption, Reverence for Common Folk Essays & Features Judith Gabriel 9 45 Fall 2003
Fadwa Tuqan: A Romantic Feminist Poet and Reluctant Political Witness Essays & Features Emaleah Shackleton 9 45 Fall 2003
Fadwa Tuqan: An Arab Electra Essays & Features Abbas Beydoun 9 45 Fall 2003
Memoir of Arab-American Life in the 1930s: Let Them Eat Bread Essays & Features Fred M. Saidy 9 45 Fall 2003
Tehran Anxiety Films Afshin Matin-Asgari 9 45 Fall 2003
Life After the Torture Chamber Films J. Rae Niles 9 45 Fall 2003
A Twinge, A Smile and a Kite Films Elissar W. Haikal 9 45 Fall 2003
Crossroads Poetry Elissar Haikal 9 45 Fall 2003
Thresholds Poetry Charbel Dagher 9 45 Fall 2003
The Weeping Echo Poetry Fadwa Tuqan 9 45 Fall 2003
Arab Art: Beyond Dichotomies Arts Sarah Rogers 9 45 Fall 2003
Hybrid Vigor: The Art of Emna Zghal Arts Najwa Adra 9 45 Fall 2003
Secular Forgiveness in Syrian Novel Books Carole Corm 9 45 Fall 2003
Our Greatest Weapon: The Rule of Law Books Pamela Nice 9 45 Fall 2003
A Century of Lebanese Literature: A Culture Viewed Through its Narratives Books Samir Mattar 9 45 Fall 2003
Lebanon: A Focal Point for Unsolved Tensions Books Paul Sullivan 9 45 Fall 2003
Coming of Age, Exile and War Books Pauline Homsi Vinson 9 45 Fall 2003
A Critical Celebration of Novelist Etel Adnan Books Susan Muaddi Darraj 9 45 Fall 2003
Confessions of Culture Clash Books Elham Gheytanchi 9 45 Fall 2003
A Literary Text of Palestinian Embroidery Books Lynne Rogers 9 45 Fall 2003
Abu-Jaber's Second Novel: A Thousand and One Recipes Books Wail S. Hassan 9 45 Fall 2003
Unveiling the West Through the Eyes of Artists, Historians and Critics Books Doris Bittar 9 45 Fall 2003
Cartoons Tackle Taboos Books Doris Bittar 9 45 Fall 2003
The Moving Verse of Ibn Al-Farid Books Dima Hilal 8 41 Fall 2002
The Same, But Different: Women in the Beauty Salon Books Andrea Esa Shalal 8 41 Fall 2002
Youssef Chahine: The Many Worlds of an Egyptian Director Books Pamela Nice 8 41 Fall 2002
Mirrors of Folk Poetry: French Colonialism and Algerian Life Books Issa J. Boullata 8 41 Fall 2002
Becoming Her Own Person Books Silvia Chelala 8 41 Fall 2002
Architectural Transplant: Muslim Space in America Books Susan Muaddi Darraj 8 41 Fall 2002
Fatema Mernissi: Scheherazade Reincarnate Books Elissar Haikal 8 41 Fall 2002
Still Writing From the Heart: The Reflections of Naguib Mahfouz Books Lynne Rogers 8 41 Fall 2002
"Here We Are Enjoying Freedom": Early Arab Immigrants in the Big Apple Books Ema Shackleton 8 41 Fall 2002
Deconstructing the Algerian Revolution Books George Tarabishi 8 41 Fall 2002
Apartheid and Zealotry on an Occupied Frontier Films Lynne Rogers 8 41 Fall 2002
"Souha Surviving Hell": Pride Resistance, and Survival Films Malek Abisaab 8 41 Fall 2002

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