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The Hyphenated Author: Emerging Genre of 'Arab-American Literature' Poses Questions of Definition, Ethnicity and Art by Lisa Suhair Majaj

Lisa Suhair Majaj

Is there an Arab-American literature?   On the face of it, the question seems a simple one. Of course there is Arab-American literature, if what is meant by this is poetry and prose by American authors of Arab descent.   It is true that we have not produced as much literature as other ethnic groups, even accounting for the small size of our population.

Profile of an Arab Daughter

Elmaz Abinader

Mother has fallen and fractured her pelvis. She was reaching for a jar in her kitchen and lost her balance. This is not her first fall. She has two artificial hips and was just recovering from the last time her foot gave way — that time, her toe caught on the edge of the carpet. Every tumble, slip, slide, and collapse, we are called.

Letter From Cairo: US Mideast Policy Bewilders Egyptian Intellectuals

Pamela Nice

In Cairo, one can always count on the unpredictable. This January was no exception. The first couple of weeks saw record rainfall and freezing temperatures. With no drainage system in the city, this created flooded streets, impromptu bridges composed of broken slabs of sidewalk, and a wait of up to 15 minutes to cross a busy intersection.

Um Kulthum

Mai Ghoussoub

She stood straight and tilted her head slightly towards her public; I have to bend the aluminum rod harder towards her neck. I stop. I look at her. I have the feeling that she is staring at me. I pull harder and bang heavily on the material but I still can't reduce her to her own figurative self. Here she is again, triumphant in her myth. A winner.

A Personal Vision of Poetry

Amal al-Jubburi

I belong to a generation the critics labled the "‘80s generation," later known as the "war generation." This name referred to the war with Iran, and to the war of 1990, a war of global proportions-experiences making us a generation born out of the heart of wars.


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