Syrian Booknotes , by Elie Chalala
Breaking Away from Extremism , by Frances Khirallah Noble
A Musical Memoir: , by Lynne Rogers
Marvelous Meanderings , by PAULINE HOMSI VINSON
‘A Tunisian Tale’: , by Ghada Alatrash
Egypt in the 70’s , by Lynne Rogers
A Voice of the Voiceless , by Joseph Sills
A Retrospective Look at the Present , by THERI ALYCE PICKENS
Killing Yourself to Write , by MICHAEL TEAGUE
Understanding Who We Are , by MICHAEL NAJJAR
Young, Female - and Arab American , by Pauline Homsi Vinson
Photo of a Nation , by Simone Fattal
New Media Meets Old , by Rebecca Joubin
Beirut's Discarded Women , by Lynne Rogers
Faith in Peace , by Frances Khirallah Noble
Memory and Mystery , by Andrea Shala-Esa
Demystifying Muslims , by D.W. Aossey
Lingering on the Beauty of Regret , by Theri Alyce Pickens
Many Voices, One Mystery , by Frances Khirallah Noble
A Literary Exorcism , by Frances Khirallah Noble
A City’s Burden of Providence , by Robert Livermore
Redemption in an Open Space , by ANDREA STANTON
Rethinking the Mediterranean , by ANDREA SHALAL-ESA
Embracing Inbetweenness , by Michael Najjar
Nahda’s Children , by Michael Najjar
The Artist in Syria , by Etel Adnan
How Does it Feel to be a Problem? , by Susan Muaddi Darraj
Tackling Taboos in Chicago Setting , by Susan Muaddi Darraj
Death Before Dishonor , by Hilary Hesse
What's in a Word? , by Andrea Stanton
An Accidental Primer , by Arlen Jones
A Century of Immigration , by Judith Gabrieh
First Novel Still Relevant , by JUDITH GABRIEL
Palestine: A Guide , by Lynne Rogers
Palestine and Its Nemesis , by Faisal Tbeileh
Cooking and Writing Arab America , by Pauline Homsi Vinson
Burdened Histories , by Bhakati Shringarpure
Coming of Age, Exile, and War , by Pauline Homsi Vinson
Of Lions and Storytelling , by Wail S. Hassan
Mapping the Syrian Consciousness , by Bhakti Shringarpure
The Stories of the Forgotten , by Silvia Chelala
Robert Stone's Damascus Gate , by Christopher McCabe

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